Texas/Louisiana style…

I’m heading down to Austin this weekend. No, not for SXSW. A whole bunch of my KC pals will be down there to represent next week and I’m really proud of them. I am not in the position to be doing that conference right now. Instead, I am playing a house concert and doing a fiddle workshop. I think house concerts are one of the best ways to get the intent of acoustic music across. I love to drive things home in a small room, and also a small room of listening people is a powerful backdrop for a subtle, emotional, quiet moment.

The information about this weekend, March 10-11, is on my Tour page.

Then I’m heading to Lafayette, LA and vicinity. I hope there are some fiddlers down there who want to learn more about old time fiddle and fiddle technique. That area of the country is swarming with amazing musicians. I think also that spurs interest in the hearts of audience members who want to be a part of the music. I’d love to help folks like that.

And then, I’m heading up to Arkansas with my pal, Anna Roberts-Gevalt. We’re going to visit Violet Hensley! My dear 95-year-old fiddling friend. I’ve written about her before. And I will again. Here’s a link to a piece on Violet from CBS Evening News.

On the way there, we’ll shoot up to the MO Ozarks and play an afternoon at Copper Run Distillery… this fine place tucked into the mountains outside Branson. Cindy Woolf works there when she’s not making music – and sometimes both at once. I think she’ll join us for some songs that day, March 18!

See the Tour page for the scoop… also see the Live Online Fiddle Lessons page if you want to meet me on the ‘web for a lesson.

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