Rocky Mountains, Tetons, Targhee, and Me

I am a flatlander. (Hey, just saw those wonderful singers who write those exquisite songs, a month or so ago. You know, The Flatlanders. WOW.) I grew up in Northwest Arkansas, but anyone who knows about the Ozarks and geology, has learned that these are not truly mountains, but a plateau with a lot of dips…but hey, those were and are my mountains. I love the Ozarks. The first time I went to Colorado and beyond, into the western US and its browner, taller, more imposing landscapes, I was a bit afraid. Where was the green grass? What happened to softness? My bandmates were in love with this landscape, and gradually, I learned to appreciate it. John Denver songs ran through my head and I tried to embrace the Rocky Mountains. But it wasn’t until I saw the Tetons, outside Jackson Hole, WY, that I really found majestic beauty in the western landscape.

I’m about to embark on my own journey out west… playing the Americana Music and Art Festival in Florence, CO, and then driving all the way to Alta, WY, which actually I have to drive into Idaho to get to. I can picture that very road, very clearly. The Wilders have driven it a number of times. It will be bittersweet to drive there on my own. But also an adventure. I am honored to teach at the Targhee Music Festival, and also get to play with other instructors at Grand Targhee Bluegrass Fest! I’m a lucky girl. Save me some of that oxygen, ok? It’s about 9000 feet there.

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