Back in the flatlands, changed by the mountains

My mountain excursion revealed much. I found I was able to do things I didn’t think I could do… in musical ways, yes, but more in physical ways. I hiked in high elevations, and enjoyed nature to a level I hadn’t experienced, nor expected. I celebrated my body’s ability to adjust to the demands I placed on it. I took (a little) time to be quiet and soak in the beauty. I got on a ski lift, which before might as well have been a roller coaster (gasp), and eventually craved a daily ride to the top of the 10,500 foot mountain at Targhee Resort. I played music on top of that mountain, with stunning 360 degree views. Shared music and joy with a diverse group of people all gathered for a common cause. It’s a bit of a fantasy life, going to a music camp such as this. Actually, I wonder if there is another camp such as this. Targhee Music Camp represents a pinnacle to me. I received so many soulful gifts that week.

As I continue on my various paths of creativity and working towards goals, I think back on the many emotions I was fortunate to experience in the Targhee mountains. I can carry the mountains inside me as I walk the hills in my neighborhood. I can carry the joy and love everywhere I go, and I can share that with everyone I contact.

These are the things I carry with me as I prepare for the next things coming… a visit to Winfield, not as a performer this year for the first time in a long time; IBMA, a reconnection to this huge vibrant world of bluegrass; a short but notable tour taking me to Chicago and Indiana; the FARM conference in St. Louis; and preparing to record another album later in the fall. Wherever you go, there you are. Don’t you want to go?

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