A different kind of campaign

Guess I couldn’t resist a tagline like this during this season. While we are engrossed in our country’s future, I am also focusing keenly on my next album, which will be recorded next month. In order to make this album, I am embarking on a fundraising campaign. I’ve seen many projects successfully funded, and contributed to quite a few as well. When I see my friends far and near working hard to achieve their goals, I feel excited to be involved, to help them make things happen.

Today, it seems pretty common (and necessary sometimes) to make an album in this high-tech, yet grassroots way. I’m looking at it as a whole new kind of album, as a new opportunity for artist and audience. If you know me, you know that I depend on communication between myself and the audience. I encourage participation, whether through singing, dance, or random outbursts. When it comes to making this album, I’m thinking of it as a participatory project. By inviting you to be involved, I will share with you my experiences as I prepare for and make this recording. I’ll be doing all of this through Pledge Music, which has great benefits for artists and fans. I’ll post diary-style blogs on a pretty regular basis, and when it’s studio time, I’ll post a bit of video, photos, and other surprises. I want you to feel like you are part of the experience, which you will be. It’s a different approach for me, and I plan to embrace the opportunity.

One of the great perks of Pledge Music is the ability to donate a portion of the funding to a charity of my choice. I chose The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, which provides musical instruments to schools that otherwise could not afford them. I think it’s so important for children to have access to music of all kinds, and it’s pretty cool to make this a part of the project.

Please take a look at the Pledge Music site, and on my page, you can look around and read about my project, download a live track, and more in the future.

Thanks for your consideration. Let’s do this thing. Let’s make a record.

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