Lots of -ings

Since my last post, I’ve been on the road, performing, practicing, and preparing for the recording. I’ve spent about a workweek’s time up to now in the studio… I’m heartened by what I have done so far. And the people who have come in to record with me… I’m just overwhelmed, they have been so inspiring and put down some gorgeous music. A little behind here on the site, but I have been writing a lot. If you sign up for my mailing list (easy to use fill-in box on the right column), you’ll get to read a bit more in depth (and more often) what this project is like. I hope you will join the cause – the recording project cause. Getting closer to the goal, which is a good feeling, and in a couple of weeks I return to the studio to complete tracking. I need your help making it to the Pledge Music goal. There’s a link on the right side of this page that will take you to my campaign site.

Here’s a link here, too: Betse Ellis on Pledge Music

It’s been an added and usually fun challenge to update the campaign with video and photo posts. Usually, studio time is quite private to me. That’s why this is a New Kind of Album… because for the first time, I am inviting you to be involved. There is plenty of room for involvement, and I hope to hear from more of you on the Pledge Music site. What do you want to know about the process? The material I’m recording? The challenges?

In the meantime, I’ll be practicing, writing, dreaming…

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