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A new year can happen any time. Any moment can be a new start. It’s coincidental that my album fundraising campaign had a deadline soon after this year began, so I feel doubly renewed that the goal was reached before that deadline. Somehow the momentum picked up and when I was about a week from that important date, the goal was reached, and exceeded. So now I can breathe a little easier, knowing that the initial expenses will be covered. All thanks to so many people believing in me, believing that I can make something that will add to their lives, in some small or maybe not so small way. That is what gratitude feels like.

This new year, I’ve had a lot of flashbacks to previous travels with The Wilders. We had some great adventures and I hold on to the fond memories. Traveling in the winter months has a special feeling for me. Darkness coming early, the long nights, make having a show exciting to me. I do love summer festivals, don’t get me wrong! They are a kind of magic, too.

This winter I’ve got some exciting new opportunities to look forward to. After some local shows to celebrate my birthday at the end of the month, I’ll get geared up to open for TIM O’BRIEN (with Bryan Sutton) at The City Winery in Chicago. Besides being a hero to us, Tim has long been a pal of The Wilders and has joined us on stage in the past. But I am and will always be such a fan, it’s hard to stay cool when I’m around him. His fiddle/singing style is a huge influence on me. He’ll always be one of my favorite singers, period. I’m excited and nervous to have this great opportunity.

Immediately after the Chicago show, I am headlining a concert in Manhattan… Kansas – at the lovely Manhattan Arts Center. Then after an appearance co-hosting KKFI’s Wednesday Midday Medley with Mark Manning for their fund drive, I’m off to the Folk Alliance International Conference, where I have an official conference showcase – and other opportunities to perform and serve as a panelist. What an honor. The Folk Alliance International is moving their headquarters to KCMO this year too, which is a super big deal to me! The future of folk music is changing every day – it’s a new year for Folk. I identify with folk more now than ever and welcome FAI to their new home.

Right now it’s mixing/sequencing time for the album, and thinking about artwork and such. As I head into this next phase, and send thanks again to so many of you who have supported me in the campaign, let me invite you to pre-order a copy of the album if you have yet to visit the PledgeMusic site. The goal I set was modest compared to the total expenses. This is an opportunity for you to be involved in my entire creative process. Take a peek at my PledgeMusic page and be a part of a New Kind of Album.

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