Today is the day! HIGH MOON ORDER is released today. June 18, 2013! This date has been rolling around in my head for quite some time!


There are a number of you out there who already own it – the Pledge Music campaign made it possible for me to make this album. Today, I feel gratitude, relief, excitement, hope, acceptance, and… tired. I had my KCMO album release show last Friday. It was a magical, historic night for me. This followed the opening of my (first) photography show the week prior. Now it’s time to get ready to hit the road again but just for now… I’m going to breathe.

Of course, you can purchase the album right here on this site. You can also listen to it streaming… at No Depression!

Where am I going next? Check out my calendar page… this Saturday, I am performing with my “Musical Grandma”, Violet Hensley, at the Ozark Folk Center! So excited. This run also includes a Chicago performance and the Indiana Fiddlers Gathering! Good start to the summer.

Happy listening… happy day.

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