I believe in Community Radio

KKFI, Kansas City’s Community Radio, is near and dear to me. I’ve been listening and participating for years. I get to play live music on air, promote my shows, help to encourage donations during fund drives, choose songs for airplay every once in a while, and I get to listen to a tremendous variety of amazing music, so much of which is local and regional music.

This year, KKFI is partnering with Folk Alliance International, another organization that means a great deal to me. FAI wants KKFI to broadcast live from the conference. That means purchasing special equipment necessary to the task.

Yes, I mentioned it’s community radio? Volunteer radio?

Those Kickstarter campaigns can be a big help in times like these. The power of many can make such a huge difference without hurting any one’s pockets too much.

If you believe in the power of community radio, and are able to help out with this meaningful project, I will personally be grateful and besides, you can benefit from this no matter where you live, because KKFI broadcasts online all the time! That means even if you live a world away, you can sit in and listen to music at the conference!

Thanks for considering.

 KKFI Kickstarter

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