House Concerts for Home Routes

I’m honored and excited to be embarking on a tour of Alberta, Canada, this month, presenting my music to audiences in homes thanks to Home Routes.

This organization, a long-time friend of Folk Alliance International, makes it possible for folk artists to share their music in places not always available to a touring musician. I have loved playing house concerts for years, whether with The Wilders, with other music friends, or my own solo shows. It’s a perfect environment for me to share not only the music, but the stories behind the music. It makes me really happy to tell folks about my friendship with Violet Hensley, or my thoughts on how certain traditional tunes and songs relate to each other. Communicating with an audience in a living room is so appropriate for much of my repertoire.

Hope to write a bit about the experience as it takes place. Stay tuned!

Last spring’s tour with Charlie Parr ended at the Tractor Tavern in Seattleā€¦ my voice was a bit used up, but it didn’t matter to the rockin crowd!

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