Punk Rock IS Folk! I knew it!

It’s always super cool to receive super cool press out of the blue… and I totally identify with this list put out by The Bluegrass Situation. Punk rock is part of my personal musical tradition. When I started digging deeper into the life story of one of my heroes, Joe Strummer, and found out that he got turned on to Woody Guthrie and therefore was compelled to learn guitar and write his own songs, the connection hit me hard and more pieces of my music-life puzzle came together. Oh, I could say a whole lot more here! I have been known to wax on about my stance regarding Joe S as a folksinger. Let it also be a time to remind that I am as strong a champion for Ozark traditional music. After all, it was Ozark music that sealed the deal in me “becoming” a fiddler. Thankful! Ever moving forward while embracing what came before. Folk, all!

Bluegrass Situation, May 19, 2015

Fiddle Uprising!
Fiddle Uprising!
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