End of the Year… almost here

End of the year is bringing new beginnings. Clarke & I are preparing to record a full-length album. We are visiting interesting acoustic spaces with a mobile recording rig and will capture the sounds of our instruments in harmony with each setting. I’ve never done anything quite like this and it’s definitely exciting to embark on this adventure! Did you hear our summer EP? You can check out a track at our site, one of our favorites. We experimented with multi-tracking on this one, with instruments and vocals.

Reunion, of a certain sort. Ike Sheldon and I are going to perform a special concert in Hesston, Kansas, on January 17. The Dyck Arboretum is the home of Prairie Window Concerts. We are thrilled to share our duo sound with folks in the area (hello, Winfield!) — time has passed since The Wilders have performed, but the bond that Ike and I share, musically, and through deep friendship, means that we continue to connect and develop our sound when we have the pleasure of playing together.

A few new projects, too… a sweet (and spicy) trio, SugarBee, is the union of myself with Ernest James Zydeco and Tony LaCroix. I recorded on the last two EJZ albums and this trio is an acoustic representation of zydeco and cajun roots and new branches. We’re running a facebook page, so stay tuned!

Starting Thursday, December 17, Clarke and I team up with our dear friend and musical powerhouse, Brett Hodges, for our new, monthly, Ollie’s Old Time Sessions. This is a whole new deal in Kansas City. We’ll be playing session music while folks come enjoy beefsteak and beer specials… it’s not quite a show, and not quite an open jam. One of those things you just gotta come experience. We’ll play from 7-10pm at Ollie’s Local, 31st & Gillham in Kansas City, MO (on the corner at Martini Corner).

With that, here’s a quick look back at October in the Ozarks… we went to visit Violet Hensley just after her 99th(!!!) birthday… we had seen her last in August when we all performed together at the Ozark Folk Center. She looks truly better than ever! We love you, Violet! Get her book at her very own website, right here!

Best wishes to you all and may you have love, music, health, and peace this holiday season and every season.

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