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High Moon Order (2013, Free Dirt Records)

Betse Ellis Cover Graphic
1. The Traveler
2. Golden Road
3. Long Time to Get There
4. Dry and Dusty
5. Straight to Hell
6. Elk River Blues
7. Twilight is Stealing
8. The Complainer
9. When Sorrows Encompass Me ‘Round
10. The Collector
11. Stamper
12. Queen of the Earth and Child of the Skies
13. Question to Lay Your Burden Down

Compact Disc – $14.99

Don’t You Want To Go? (2009, Free Dirt Records)

Betse Ellis Cover Graphic —THIS ALBUM CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK – please do not add to cart! We will update the page when it is back in stock.

1. White River
2. John Henry
3. Run!
4. Looking the World Over
5. Bear Creek Sally Goodin’
6. Another Night Gone
7. La Cinquantaine
8. Walk Along John
9. Heaven Bells Are Ringing/Gone to View That Land
10. Mainz Waltz
11. Don’t You Want To Go?
12. Hanson’s Farewell
Bonus Track:
13. In My Girlish Days

Compact Disc – $14.99 — currently out of stock – we hope to have it again soon

The Wilders (2011, Free Dirt Records)

cache_240_240_DIRT-CD-0064loresFeaturing original tunes by Betse Ellis!

1. Ordinary People
2. Mid November
3. Riding on Your High Horse
4. She Says (I Say)
5. Get Up Kid
6. Stay With Me
7. Pat’s 25
8. Riverboat
9. L.A.
10. Things They Say About Home
11. No. 7
12. This Old Town
13. Lay Down Our Guns

Compact Disc – $14.99

Someone’s Got to Pay (The Wilders) (2008, Free Dirt Records)

cache_240_240_DIRT-CD-0056coverFeaturing original songs and fiddle tunes by Betse Ellis!

1. Wild Old Nory
2. Broken Down Gambler
3. An Old Murder Ballad Come to Life
4. Sittin’ on a Jury: Prologue
5. My Final Plea
6. Hey Little Darlin
7. Old Dirty Boot
8. Raised Up My Right Hand
9. Sittin’ on a Jury: The Prosecution
10. Someone’s Got to Pay
11. Happy That Way
12. Collard Greens
13. Hey Mr. Judge
14. Sittin’ on a Jury: The Defense
15. Sorry I Let You Down
16. Rock in the Woods
17. Davey Took a Gun and Killed His Wife
18. Sittin’ on a Jury: The Verdict
19. Sittin’ on a Jury: Epilogue
20. Goodbye (I’ve Seen It All)

Compact Disc – $14.99

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