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Making a List! Keeping good company in this list compiled by The Bluegrass Situation… Betse Ellis and other punk folkies

High Moon Order gets a lovely review in the Huffington Post! Check it out here.

An article and filmed interview prior to the Folk Alliance International Conference 2014, by Julie Denesha of KCUR

An interview I conducted for Pitch Weekly in advance of Folk Alliance International 2014 (with a few comments from Music Editor Natalie Gallagher)…

And, an interview I did with Bella Hardy, chosen for the print edition of Pitch Weekly for FAI 2014…


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Selected Reviews of High Moon Order

Huffington Post, “Farewell Fair Ladies: American Roots by Women”, Sept 2, 2014
“The album impresses with its range of taste and versatility of execution: the lush pop production of “The Traveler,” the raw punk feeling of “The Complainer,” and the brisk but laid-back old-time groove of “Long Time to Get There” aren’t likely to be found on the same person’s ipod, let alone the same person’s album. Ellis, obviously an exception, pulls it off not just in style, but in more than one style!” –Stephen D. Winick

Pitch Weekly, “”Reflecting on eight of 2013’s best local releases”, Dec 24, 2013

“Between her spirited fiddle playing and rustic, mountain-girl vocals, Betse Ellis stands as a charming captain for Kansas City folk.” – Natalie Gallagher

Beat Surrender, July 20, 2013
“…there’s much more to the recording than just fiddle with full band plugged-in tracks and a Clash cover too, Ellis also plays a host of other instruments on the recording including tenor guitar, viola, cello and piano, with her eclectic influences from Memphis Minnie to Pete Townshend; Chrissie Hynde to Beck; John Cale to Haxel[sic] Dickens, and her love of regional Ozark folk styles she’s created an album that manages to link the traditional and contemporary into something both original and engaging.” – Simon

No Depression First Spin album review, June 4, 2013
“There are obscure fiddle tunes from the Ozarks and plenty of rousing numbers (including a cover of the Clash’s “Straight to Hell”), but Ellis asserts herself as a wholly individual artist here, influenced as much by tradition as she is by the rock and roll desire to tear it down.”  – Kim Ruehl

The Deli album review, June 2013
“High Moon Order
slips on like an old flannel shirt or a broken in pair of jeans. If comfort food were thirteen tracks of down-home musical cooking, it would sound a lot like this…High Moon Order is a fantastic choice for your summer 2013 music additions.” – William Saunders

When You Motor Away album review, June 28, 2013
“It’s a striking sound – unvarnished vocals, absolutely fiery fiddling and a variation in tempos from quietly beautiful to ferocious…The original songs are strong, and the musicianship is never less than stellar. This is a diverse, well-played, really terrific album.” – John Hyland


Selected Live Reviews & Press Coverage

“Spending a night with Betse Ellis is like reuniting with an old friend you’ve not seen for too long. Whether she’s leaning into an old fiddle tune to give it that extra “Oomph!” or singing some a new song she wrote fresh, she reminds you what it is you like about live performance: the rare connection between audience and an artist who says “This is who I am. This is what I do,” and then does it, openly, honestly, completely without artifice or pretension.” – Keith Dudding, host of “Down Yonder, KDHX, St. Louis, MO

No Depression, June 4, 2013
“Onstage, Ellis plays like a pistol with a saw in its hand, rocking back and forth like some bastard love child of Alison Krauss and Sid Vicious.” – Kim Ruehl

KDHX (St. Louis, MO), from live appearance, March 23, 2013
“…She is a stellar old-time fiddler in the Ozark style, and she knows the tradition upside-down and backwards. Her fiddle work is, in a word, stunning, and the more you know about what she is doing the more you can appreciate what she is doing.

But, she’s also a person, one who has an interest in a very wide swath of traditional and popular music, and one who isn’t afraid to mix things up a bit. By also being a very accomplished singer-songwriter, she shows that you don’t have to take sides. And, even when she isn’t mixing influences in a piece, her more progressive material shines a light on the traditional material, creating lots of room for her audience to think about and appreciate what she is doing.” – Glen Herbert
Read full writeup and listen to the recording

Community Free Press, Springfield, MO, March 6, 2013
CFP interview Mar2013-1
CFP interview Mar2013-2

“…the fiercest fiddle player in Kansas City and likely beyond. With the talent, the material, and the personality to enhance it, a solo set from Ellis can be far more captivating than watching many full bands.” – Michelle Bacon, The Deli Magazine
Full show review, June 15, 2012

“As she played a rousing stomp with snarled lyrics about playing fiddle, doing a British jig and speaking the King’s English in quotations, scattered gasps spread through the audience as people realized Ellis was turning the Clash’s “Straight to Hell” into an Ozark stomp…” – Robin Wheeler, KDHX Blog
Full review of solo performance, December 1, 2011

“If there’s good news in the Wilders’ hiatus it’s that Ellis will still be active in a music scene she has been a part of since the early 1990s…” – Timothy Finn (Featured in the full-length cover story “Women Who Rock”, Kansas City Star Magazine, January 27, 2012)

“Betse’s solo set blew me away, and got a huge audience reaction. Her performance was full of joy, abandon, and she mashed down like crazy both on the singing and the playing, whether it was a traditional Ozark fiddle tune or a song by the Clash.” – Suzy Thompson (from Blackpot Festival in Lafayette, Louisiana, October 2011)

Reviews of “Don’t You Want to Go” (2009, Free Dirt)
Nominated for a 2010 Independent Music Award, Best Americana Album

“Let’s get one thing straight: Betse Ellis is one badass fiddle player. She has an uncanny ability to make that instrument weep and wail while making it play hot potato with the bow…Ellis has put together a debut solo album filled with plenty of traditional numbers, a couple blues songs courtesy Memphis Minnie and a classical piece that, while slightly out of place, reminds us that Ellis is no one-trick pony.” –Ink Magazine

“Ellis covers a lot of stylistic ground… and does it with a lot of attitude and aplomb – a very accomplished effort.” – Sing Out!

“The album has an authentic feel of rural America and a joyful interplay with the other musicians.” – The Scotsman

“In addition to playing fiddle with abandoned joy, Ellis sings like a big fat jazz powerhouse.” – Maverick Magazine

“[It] shows a level of skill and bravado only within reach of an accomplished musician.” – Twang Nation

Official Tour Poster 11″ x 17″ (click to download high resolution version, suitable for printing)

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