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Betse & Clarke Youtube playlist

A re-broadcast of a piece I did for PRX last year with Phil Nusbaum…

“Stamper” – Live at WAMU Bluegrass Country

“When Sorrows Encompass Me Round” – Live at WAMU Bluegrass Country

“Queen of the Earth and Child of the Skies”

“Think I’ll Pick Up My Heart”, with John Greiner

“Poor Little Turtle Dove”, with Ryan Spearman

“John Henry”, with Jason Beers

“Riverboat”, with The Wilders – Songs from The Shed

Run! –video

Buck Creek Girls with Phil Wade –video

Long Steel Rail – with Tim Eriksen and KC Groves –video

Betse with Foghorn Duo –video

album available at cdbaby

2 Responses to Watch & Listen

  1. Debbie Rose says:

    Hi Betse, the whole family from my 9 year old daughter, (who adores you), to my 66 year old Dad have been to see you and the rest of The Wilders over the last few years at the various venues that you have played in the Highlands of Scotland. Last May we even took a cousin from Ireland to see you guys at Eden Court and she was blown away by you all. We are sorry that we are not going to have our “Live” session with you guys this year, but really look forward to experiencing what develops from your solo projects and will be the first in the queue for tickets when you are back up in the Highlands!

    • fiddlebetse says:

      Hello Debbie, thanks so much for your kind note! We all miss Scotland so much. The Highlands are one of my very favorite places on earth. I truly hope to get back there some day… either of course with the band or maybe in another project.

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